Hobart 20/20 Stampshow Entries

Hobart 20/20 Stamp and Postcard Exhibition  is a National one-frame Exhibition held under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation.

Hobart 20/20 Stampshow Entries are invited for exhibits as per FIP rules for One-frame Exhibits.  Download One-frame rules

A National One-frame Topical Class challenge will be held in conjunction with the exhibition.

Prospectus: Hobart 20/20 Prospectus

Entry Form:  Hobart Stamp Show 20/20-Entry-Form

Download a short article from APF News on One-frame exhibiting basics. One-Frame Exhibiting-APF News April 2019


Presentation Notes - One-frame Exhibiting and Topical Class Seminar conducted by the APF in Tas Feb 2020

Dowload PDF version of Powerpoint presentation here. As presented in Launceston and Hobart 15 & 16 Feb 2020



Hobart 20/20 Stampshow Entries

Entries, on the approved entry form will close on 1 August 2020. Acceptance of entries will be advised by 15 August 2020.

Entry fee is $45 which includes the APF Frame Fee.

NOTE: frames are the standard 16-sheet frames, not the 15-sheet frames previously used by Hobart exhibitions.


Entries will be jdged according to the standard FIP rules for one-frame exhibits. In effect this means each entry will be judged according the the rules for the class in which it falls, e.g Traditional, Postal History, Picture Postcards etc. See the Prospectus for full details.

Both an entry form and a draft title page are required at the time of Entry. Note, the title page will be judged acording to what is displayed in the frames, hence you are free to provide an initial draft which can later be modified.

National One-frame Topical Challenge

TPS will be offering a One-frame Topical class Challenge. The Topical class is an experimental class developed for use in Australia by the APF. It aims to provide an option for exhibitors wishing to show stamps according to a specific topic as an alternative to the Thematic class.

The APF will be providing a presentation on this Class at the Canberra exhibition in March 2020 and also a downloadable presentation.

See our Topical Challenge page for more details