Topical Class One-frame Challenge

The Tasmanian Philatelic Society will be offering a special One-frame Topical Class challenge as part of the Hobart 20/20 Stamp and Postcard Exhibition, .

16-sheet entries based on this class can be submitted and in addition to the standard prizes and awards for all entries, will be eligible to compete for a special prize for the class.

Topical class is a new experimental class offered by the Australian Philatelic Federation. It allows exhibitors to choose a topic and show stamps and other philatelic material including covers, postal stationery and revenues which fit this topic.Non-philatelic material such as postcards and ephemera are not to be included in the exhibit.

We will provide a presentation on Topical Class but in the meantime we will provide the draft Rules shortly. Please call back or contact us and we will email them to you when available [visit Contact page...]

About the Topical Class

The Topical Class provides collectors with the opportunity to exhibit material by topic or subject. The items in the exhibit are connected by the subject shown and not by a Thematic theme or a Traditional country treatment.

All items in the exhibit should fit the subject shown. Examples of a Topical Class exhibit could include birds, vehicles or scientists on stamps but the options are endless. The difference between Thematic Philately and the Topical Class is that a topical class exhibit would show only philatelic items depicting the subject while a Thematic exhibit would have a theme which would allow the inclusion of philatelic items related to the theme, for example, a topical exhibit of motor cars could be arranged by make, model and year and include material depicting cars while a thematic exhibit cover the history of the motor car and include material showing car manufacturers and designers, factories, road safety, roads and material related to petroleum.

A Topical exhibit is organised and arranged according to some sort of classification system and this must be explained on the Title page. Some examples of a classification system are:

  • scientific or taxonomic classifications for classes of minerals, gems, plants or animals
  • an organisational classification for topics such as Rotary or Red Cross
  • event-related classification for topics such as Olympics
  • form or style for topics such as bridges or cars

The exhibit must include philatelic material only. [Exhibitors wishing to include non-philatelic material need to consider Open Class as the avenue to exhibit while exhibitors wishing to show picture postcards should consider entering the Postcard Class.]

Download the Rules

TOPICAL CLASS v 5 - 7 Feb 2020

Hobart 20/20 Stamp and Post Card Exhibition


Hadley’s Hotel will be the Exhibition Hotel. Located close to the centre of the City, Waterfront, Salamanca and Mona Ferry  this historic Hotel is also 5 minutes walk from the exhibition. A Group booking has been arranged. We also suggest the Travelodge as a cheaper but convenient option  – see below for details.

There are of course many other options. Airbnb has a large network in Hobart and the standard Accommodation sites such as Trivargo, Wotif and others offer a wide range.

As Hobart has something of a shortage of Hotel beds, we strongly advise early book for best rates and widest choice.

Hadleys Hotel

Hadley’s Hotel will be the venue for Exhibition functions and judges accommodation. Its around 5 mimutes walk to the Exhibition and very close to the centre of Hobart.

A group booking has been placed. To book, contact the Hotel and quote the Hobart Stamp Show 20/20. Tarif is at the rate applicable at the time of booking. We recommend booking early.

Address: 34 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000

Travelodge Hotel Hobart

The Travelodge is a 3-star Hotel  5 minutes walk from Hadleys and 10 minutes to the Exhibition. Its close to the CBD and like Hadleys, within walking distance of the Waterfront, Salamanca Place and the Mona Ferry terminal. This is a less expensive option.

Tarif is at the going rate less 15% – see details below:

Package Name: Stamp Show
Discount Applied: 15% off best available rate with flexible terms and conditions
Room Type: Guest Rooms – Queen
Number of Rooms: A maximum of 10 rooms
Bookable Period: Available to book now, until August 1st 2020.
Stay Period: 11th of November – 14th of November
To Book: please visit this link: Travelodge Discount Booking

All guests are required to provide their own credit card when booking, upon confirming they accept the pricing and all relevant polices.

Address: 167 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000